Spending quality time together

9 Ways to Maximize Family Time Cross-post from By Ansley Roan Cooking meals, doing laundry, and going to work are all essential, but they often mean less time for parents to spend with those they love most. A recent survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that women spend only slightly more time [...]

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Staying on track with goals

How to Stay On Track for Your Goals CROSS-POST FROM PICKTHEBRAIN.COM BY ALI LUKE What big goals do you have at the moment? Perhaps you’re trying to lose weight, get fit, write a book, redecorate the house, or start your own business. Maybe you’re tackling several different goals all at once. Often, it’s easy [...]

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Managing emotions and stress

Ten quick tips for managing your emotions in stressful situations CROSS POST FROM LANGLEYGROUP.COM.AU By Sue Langley We all have strategies for managing our emotions, some more effective than others. After a stressful day at work we might hit the gym or head out for drinks with our friends. A regular exercise routine to [...]

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